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Artistic Vision

I am a native of Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick.

Even though I grew up in circumstances where art was not particularly valued and art education was non-existent, it did not deter me from being attracted to art and wanting to explore all its riches.

At age fifty, I decided to dedicate my time, energy, and passion to art.  I registered at a University with a class full of young students and threw myself entirely into the study of drawing and painting.  All the effort was more than offset by the wellspring of energy and personal satisfaction that resulted.

Oil is my preferred medium.  I am seduced by the forms and radiant colors of fruit.  My fruit paintings are not still life, but rather full of life.  By emphasizing the light and respecting the shadows, I try to give them a vibrancy that evokes joy, peace and sensuousness that is pleasing to the eye...

I will always have a thirst to learn and perfect my art.  Therein lies the passion that fuels me.

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